Sunday, April 10, 2005

What a couple of days.

I guess it started Thursday evening. I had just finished a lengthy post for the blog about coincidences and Ft. Devens. I tried to post it and Blogger burped it back to me. It happens, so I tried again. Another burp. Again, it happens, so I went for a third try and the electricity went out.

The electricity came back around 4:00 AM or so. A good thing, but I stayed in bed nonetheless.

Got up Friday morning (the kids had the day off from school because there were major things going on for the Pope's funeral). Went to go online and nothing happened. Rebooted the computer. Nothing happened. Rebooted again. This time I got a message that a database had been corrupted and I needed to reinstall the software. Reinstalled the software. Got all sorts of new icons on the desktop that I still haven't sorted out. But--I was back online.

Grabbed the kids and hit the ballfield to finish painting the bleachers. They look pretty good now (if I'm allowed to say so).

The Bear informed me that Mom dictated that she should have new sneakers. And I already knew that the son needed new baseball cleats. So we hit town. Found nothing at the first store. Drove to the west end of town and found sneakers for the Bear. Hit the grocery store to grab a few items, then swung back east through town to hit a sports store for the cleats.

Got cleats. Back home.

Cooked a big pizza for everyone and they went off to a presentation at school while I begged umpires to cover games. Pretty much melted down as I begged for umpires, then I said the hell with it, I can only do so much. About that time the family came home, followed by the sister-in-law, who works at a liquor store. She brought several unfinished bottles from a wine tasting. Just what I needed at that point...

Woke up this morning feeling ok, but tired. Off to the Bear's basketball game. Sat next to a teacher I find wildly attractive. Her boyfriend/suddenly husband apparently finds her attractive as well...

Rushed from basketball to the baseball diamond. Our baseball manager was behind the curve on scheduling parents to work the concession stand, so guess who volunteered...

The game lasted 3 1/2 hours. That's one long Junior League game. Spent 3 1/2 hours in the concession stand, except for a few minutes here and there when I was explaining to coaches that they would have to play the game with only one umpire or interpreting laws about substitution.

The water supply to the concession stand is broken (and "they" swear that it will be fixed any day now), so washing things was pretty rough. We ended up throwing all of it in the wife's Explorer and bringing it home. I get to wash it and take it back to the ballfield tomorrow.

So. It's been a day or two. I'll post again soon.

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