Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Just a quick note for the woman in the tiny car who pulled out in front of me this evening.

A heavy 3/4 ton Ford with four-wheel drive, a V8 and 5-speed transmission weighs 5000 lbs. empty. I have already left the quarry with stone for the driveway weighing in excess of 8000 lbs. That's more than four tons.

The truck has massive front brakes, a fact which is pounded into me whenever I install new brake pads and have to horse those calipers around. However, brakes and all, it doesn't stop on a dime. Not even a 50 cent piece. Especially when it's carrying a heavy load.

Your decision was nearly your last ever decision. Only my strong desire not to be sidelined with a damaged truck prevented me from slamming into you like a freight train.

Then I'd have had to look your kids in the eye and say "Well, your mom was a dumbass".

Ok. I feel better now.


Lilly said...

LOL. Some women give the rest of us a bad rep :)

Snake Eater said...

Recognizing, of course, that the idiot du jour just happened to be a woman. Men have the same capacity for idiocy (I'm a prime example).

Lilly said...

Agreed. Plenty of male idiot drivers around SoCal :)