Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I've mentioned Democratic Underground before.

Democratic Underground is the Eisengard of the internet, where the Orcs gather to grunt and squeal and wallow in the filth and corruption of their own hatred and self-loathing. All under the guise of a superior intellect--the old "Anyone who thinks differently than I do does so because he or she is stupid".

The commentary following the Pope's death runs the gamut of simply hateful to just plain low IQ.

Here's the gist of my favorite low IQ comment on his death. The poster admitted that he was an extraordinary man, but lamented that he spent his life in the service of the church and said that he could have flowered had he led a "normal" life as opposed to being forced to serve the church.

"Interesting" take on his life. The fact is that he chose the life he led and could have left it at any time. Get it? He led the life that he wanted. He felt no need to consult you. And he lived an extraordinary life. Talk about flowering. He rose to the papacy, possibly the finest needle-tip of the broadest iceberg in history. And his reign as pope is being celebrated as possible the most significant in history. You need to take a break from throwing darts at your picture of Chimpy Bushitler and take some time to actually read some news and catch up on current events. Your ignorance is beyond measure.

Then the poster went on to say that she really liked John Paul II, but yet she couldn't like him for "certain reasons". In other words, he's a helluva guy, but because he's a religious helluva guy you can't possibly like him. Yep, the left is the bastion of inclusiveness...

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