Sunday, April 24, 2005

I wonder about a lot of things, like whether witches use spell checkers. Whether it’s constitutionally responsible to yell “Movie” in a crowded firehouse. And why generals eat in a private mess and privates eat in a general mess.

But it gets better. Went to the grocery store and there was a display of cantaloupes right at the front door. It was obvious from a distance that they were green. Real green. Almost neon. There was a woman looking at them and musing about how to tell if they’re ripe. So I told her in the first place they were green under the netting, a bad thing. Secondly you could see where the stems had been ripped off of the melons--a ripe fruit breaks off cleanly. Lastly, cantaloupes don’t ripen like bananas when they’ve been removed from the vine. Where they are is where they will stay. Oh, and the smell test doesn’t work. They’re cantaloupes, so they smell like cantaloupes whether they’re rip or not. Given all of that, she announced she’d take one and try it. Makes me wonder.

Oh, and those containers that keep hot things hot and cold things cold...How do they know which one to do?

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lisa said...

I was reading sfalphageek, saw the link over here, and thought I'd check it out. It's been a long day, but you've made me smile. Thanks.