Friday, June 19, 2009

As if we needed more evidence that Barry Obama considers himself above the law.

He may want to remember that the Magna Carta figures heavily in US law. I know...dead white men and all that. But distilled, the Magna Carta stated that no one, not even the king (or in Barry's case, the Messiah), is above the law.

I don't believe for a second that Barry gives a damn about dead white men and Michelle doesn't even like live white people, so why should I expect him to obey the laws of the country he runs?

He started off with a blatant act of civil disobedience. "I won't give up my Blackberry". Ok, ok--but you're now the President of the United States. If you can't give up your Blackberry, DON'T RUN FOR PRESIDENT. There's this thing called the Presidential Records Act and every time he puts his fingers on that Blackberry he's violating the law. Yep--he's in violation of the very laws that he *swore* to uphold. He's an arrogant ass. Basically he's saying "eff" you, I'm president.

And now he's counteracted a law that he actually cosponsored that protects Inspectors General from preemptive firings (because inspectors general often investigate cases that could implicate high-level officials and appointees). The Inspector General of Americorps found that a big Obama supporter had misappropriated Americorps funds. The inspector received a cell phone call while he was driving that basically said "You have one hour to resign or we'll fire you". This is direct contravention of the law that Barry himself cosponsored. The law says that you must provide Congress 30 days notice and explain in writing why the individual is being fired.

Oh, and in four months Barry has quadrupled the US debt.

Congratulations America. You voted for change and we sure as hell got it.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just a quick thought--I'll get into deeper ones later:

If Obama were in a penitentiary, he'd be the guy bent over the table while the rest of the inmates lined up behind him...