Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Had to go to the local nature park on Sunday for a meeting. Some sort of Earth Day celebration was going on. Lots of sandals, beards to hide weak chins, tie-dyed shirts, Volvos--that sort of stuff. I took immense pleasure in roaring past them in the Redneckmobile. Gunned it a few times as I went past just to entertain them.

Monday, April 28, 2003

Well, spring marches on. I think I particularly like spring. I like watching the earth awaken from its winter slumber.

The serviceberries have bloomed and are now dropping their petals in white showers. Right on cue, the dogwoods and redbuds have stepped in to take up as the serviceberries fade.

The mayapples have appeared in their dense stands, looking like little umbrellas for woodland fairies. The wild violets have appeared and soon firepink and trillium will be along. Purple nettle is showing in the yet to be plowed fields as well.

Even the skunk cabbage has its virtues, appearing lush and green in low, wet spots.

More and more birds have appeared. I have yet to waken to the shouting of a house finch, but that’s not far off.

The bumblebees have appeared in great force this year and appear larger than in the past. As usual they bumble about (hence the name?) and make a minor nuisance of themselves as one tries to work around them. Less to my liking, the first hornets appeared yesterday. They like the front of the house where the brick absorbs the morning sun and radiates heat throughout the day. Unfortunately they often view my presence as threatening, resulting in a bit of drama and some of my more interesting vocabulary.

Other flying things have appeared, benign but annoying. Little unseen things that light long enough to make you scratch, then dart off to light on another spot.

The days grow longer and I grow more and more restless at work, taking time out to walk to the front and gaze out the windows for a few moments. I need a trip to the cabin. Soon.

Saturday, April 12, 2003

Hell, I was going to write something tonight, but I'm just not in the mood. Had an ok day. Didn't even have a fight with the wife, mostly because she worked the better part of the day. Just too many defeats and disappointments lately. Fuck it.