Saturday, April 02, 2005

By the way, a few other blogs of interest.

Lilly brought two to my attention:

SF Alpha Geek and Jack Army.

Army Special Forces is a small world, so it's not too surprising that I should have something in common with them other than just Special Forces. Jack Army was in the 10th Special Forces Group, as was I. I was in the 3rd Battalion at Ft. Devens and the 1st Battalion at Bad Toelz, Germany. He came on the scene a bit later than me and was stationed at Ft. Devens with the 2nd Battalion, then made the move to Ft. Carson, CO. Ft. Devens is now Devens Industrial Park for those keeping score. Alpha Geek doesn't specify which group he's in, but for several reasons I suspect that he's in 20th Group. I spent several years in 20th Group as well.

There's at least one more SF type blogging as well. You can find him at Blackfive.

I never heard the expression "Blackfive" as a call sign, but times have changed. He seems genuine and writes extremely well. Start reading him here. Like him, I've disliked the French since long before it became fashionable.

Lastly, try Armor Geddon. He's stopped blogging since he rotated back to Germany from Iraq, but his descriptions of tank combat in Iraq are terrific. I never wanted to be a tanker (treadhead), so I gave the whole armor thing little thought aside from how to kill a tank that was after me. (I can drive an M-113, though, oddly enough) He writes extremely well and makes armor very interesting. He also earned a Silver Star in Iraq.

I have to be up in three hours, which is about a standard night's sleep for me, so I'm out of here.

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JACK ARMY said...

Hey, thanks for the mention.

As usual, need anything, let me know.