Saturday, January 12, 2008

Al Gore is truly pathetic.

He's a big guy--we saw that when he advanced on George Bush in a threatening manner during one of their debates. I'd say that lowered my opinion of him, but actually I already regarded him as benthic, and it doesn't get any lower than that (the Benthic Zone is where you find whale sh*t and Democrat politicians). But big guy or not, he's diminutive in the political arena.

Gore basically flunked out of politics when he pitched his hissy fit about the election that he lost. Say what you want, call in all the markers that you want--Gore lost the election. Plain and simple. The bull about "stolen election" and all that hasn't held up to to the light of day. Gore lost.

Anyway, knowing that he has flunked out of politics (he also flunked out of divinity school, and that has got to be hard to do), he has embarked on a "LOOK AT ME" campaign. It's a given that politicians are largely driven by ego, and Gore, despite the fact that he's not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, has managed to take the "Hey, I'm still relevant" thing and run with it.

Yeah, he got a Nobel prize, but the Nobel committee has a bit of history involving "statements". They gave Yassir Arafat a Nobel prize, and Arafat spent his career ordering the executions of Jews and other people. The guy (I won't call him a 'man') was a mass murderer, plain and simple. Puts Gore's Nobel prize in perspective. The committee has revealed itself as a bunch of senile old men with a hard-on for the US.

Anyway, it occurs that this is Gore's gambit now. He has ceased to be relevant as a politician (as though he ever was), so now he crosses the globe in his fossil fuel burning private jet and preaches the religion of global warming. "Hey everyone, check me out. I'm still relevant".

Friday, January 11, 2008

Philip Agee finally croaked.

Agee is a scumbag who worked for the CIA for 12 or so years and then wrote a book exposing dozens of covert operators. He then approached Soviet and Cuban officials and began feeding US secrets to Cuba (which in turn went to the Soviet Union, of course). People died.

Agee kicked off in Cuba while undergoing what would have been routine surgery in any country that has caught up with, say, 19th century technology.

Agee was a traitor to his country and his family. He claimed his "Roman Catholic conscience" caught up with him and forced him to sell out his country. To a system that routinely suppresses human rights and bans religions. He said he was turned by hearing the moans of torture victims in Venezuela (yeah, right). I guess he never heard of Lubyanka or the Cuban prisons.

Rot in hell, bitch.