Friday, April 22, 2005

There is evil about even worse than the left in the US. I mean, let's face it--Oliver Willis would never risk exposing his chubby visage to the rigors of actual armed combat, even if it meant just gunning down dazed, injured survivors of helicopter crashes.

That's exactly what happened in Iraq. The Islamist insurgency, so revered by people like Willis and the Orcs of Democratic Underground, shot down a civilian helicopter. A helicopter full of people who are trying to help rebuild the country. Now, I understand their ire. I mean, who are we to introduce western values like not beating the hell out of your wife when it pleases you to do so and actually accepting the idea that women may perhaps possess intellects? Scandalous.

Well, they managed to shoot down a helicopter and there is no excuse whatsoever for what followed. There was no excuse for shooting at the helicopter in the first place, but the aftermath is sickening. An Islamist piece of dung is videotaping the wreckage and burned bodies when his fellow pieces of dung discover a survivor. View it here, if you have the stomach for it.

If you can't watch it, I'll synopsize it for you: Helicopter is already downed. Triumphant Islamist dirtbags are viewing crash site as videographer catches images of charred corpses. The tape then abruptly cuts to dirtbags crashing through tall grass where they discover a dazed survivor of the crash. Someone imperiously orders him to "Stand up" several times in English. He's obviously hurt (his forehead is bloody) and dazed. He asks for someone to take his hand and help him stand up. He also says something (arm?) is broken. There's no sympathy and although it's hard to tell from the clip I get the feeling he was essentially grabbed and stood up. More barked commands and he staggers forward only to be gunned down in an exuberant hail of bullets. They enjoyed doing what they did.

And he was apparently Belgian--there simply to help rebuild the country and not even a member of a "belligerent" nation.

And here in the US the reaction by a fortunately tiny percentage of the population sometimes goes like this. Not need to reply, we all know that she's clinically defined as mentally ill.


Lilly said...

I started watching that video and I just couldn't finish it. How terrible.

Oh, and what happened to that long post about Ft. Devens that you were gonna post a while ago? :)

NOTR said...

He was actually a Bulgarian.

The video ought to be mandatory viewing by every liberal who wants to "reach out" to radical islamists. They would need to count their fingers after such a dumb ass move.

Snake Eater said...

He is (was) Bulgarian. The initial reports had him a Belgian and I never updated once they established the correct nationality. But, I have to take a hit for this one--I believe the helicopter was an Mi-21, and it's unlikely that a Belgian flight crew would be flying an Mi-21. I should have known better.