Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Ladies and gentlemen, from the concrete canyons of New York City, the Skyliners!

That's how they used to introduce the Skyliners at competitions, anyway. Quite possibly the most famous and storied of all senior drum and bugle corps, the Skyliners have never failed to please audiences.

They used to rehearse on some island in NYC and people would take picnic dinners with them and sit on the hill overlooking the island and watch them rehearse.

Their musical theme? New York. You could mine the hill of music written about NYC or many years and never repeat a piece, and while they've done a good job of that, they've also hit on a couple of numbers that I could listen to every day for the rest of my life. "Little Old New York" and "New York Signature", both composite compositions with bits and pieces of NYC songs including two variations on "New York, New York" with soprano bugle riffs that stand out as the most famous riffs inthe history of drum corps. And "Elks Parade". Maybe my favorite piece in all of drum corps. Ever.
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