Friday, October 17, 2008

I reek of gasoline. I mean, I am trailing a plume behind me. I am soaked in the stuff.

Why? Because the legislators in this state are smarter than me (so they think) and have forbidden normal gasoline cans in favor of the so-called "safety can". I have spilled more gasoline over the past five years using the "safety can" than I have cumulatively in 40+ years of using normal gas cans with a spout.

The "safety can" has a spout that you have to stick into a tank and depress in order to dispense the gas. Sounds good in theory, but there is no air inlet, so immediately the can starts to pull a vacuum. The gas then begins to sputter and splash. You have to repeatedly pull the can out of the tank, depress the gas-soaked spout with your bare hands to introduce air pressure into the can and then stick it back into the tank. Then repeat.

So far the environmental safety can has caused me to dump more gasoline than the Exxon Valdize.

Someone went to the legislature and took some people golfing, to a restaurant; all the while talking about this wonderful invention that is going to save lives, the environment and all.

Well, it's a piece of junk and like I said, I've spilled more gasoline with it than I have over a lifetime of "normal" gas cans.