Thursday, April 21, 2005

Society in general is really heading downhill. I'm no prude. Not by a long shot. After ten years as a paratrooper I can literally conjugate the verb "f**k", and just like some character from a book I can swear fluently in several languages, including English (obviously), German, Russian, Spanish and some French. Spanish is a fairly easy language to swear in--all you have to do is relate anything to the Holy Family and it becomes an expletive. "Milk of The Mother"(leche de la madre), properly enunciated, can serve.

Just stop by the house some time when I'm changing brake pads on the big truck, holding a 20 lb. brake caliper one-handed while I try and find some way to wedge myself to give my other hand an angle to put a vise on the caliper and drive the piston back in so that I can fit new pads on the caliper. Things can get really interesting at that point.

But--and this is a big one--I don't talk like that in front of the kids, at the mall, at the ballfield, at the grocery store or even to my wife (usually). And when I slip up in front of the wife I hear about it big time.

I try to avoid talking dirty while posting to this blog (I've probably typed in a few nasty words, but I do try and avoid it), primarily because as much as I enjoy letting it rip I think it's classless to legitimize that sort of thing in print. A second, selfish reason is that I don't want anyone blocked by nanny software if they stumble onto this blog during a break at their workplace.

And something I would just never even consider doing is wearing an article of clothing or displaying a bumper sticker that contains four-letter words. Some years ago VW ran a series of advertisements depicting VWs being driven in a spirited fashion while a voiceover said "Fahrvergnuegen". It means "driving enjoyment". The ads spawned several bumper stickers which included "Farfrompukin" (a good place to be) and "F*kkingroovin". Maybe I'm just old, but I can't imagine adorning my vehicle with either of those. It's just classless.

So having established that society in general has sunk beneath my old fashioned standards (ladies, would you really strike up a conversation with some guy wearing a T-shirt with the word f**k on the front?), the left, which of late frequently confuses absolute hatred with valid disagreement, has sunk to depths I never even imagined.

As I've stated before, the vitriol of the left almost leaves one gasping for breath. The right didn't much care for Bill Clinton, but the left hates Bush with an unmatched passion.

But just when I thought they'd gone as low as they could possibly go, it gets worse. Powerline brings attention to some really interesting sites here. Just a warning, don't open those URLs at work. It's that bad.

So I only have one question. Excepting the utterly clueless Oliver Willis and the Orcs at Democratic Underground (because there is nobody on this planet who can predict how low they might possibly sink), how much lower can this go? Honest debate ended years ago and now it's just name calling from the left. It's going to leave a bad taste in people's mouths, boys and girls. You might want to rethink this whole thing.

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