Friday, April 01, 2005

Went to the ballfield and spent some quality time with a belt sander that was nearly capable of dragging me across the field under its own power.

Gave me lots of time to think. And what did I think about? I spent the whole time trying to think of something to think about.

Some times I really have to wonder.

Thought a bit about baseball (obviously). The Boys of Summer. I'm actually more into the girls ofsummer, but I've always liked that expression. Though about how I much prefer the crack of a wooden bat to the "tink" of an aluminum one. Thought about last year (a disaster) and wondered what this year will bring.

On the way home I discovered that the sending unit on my front fuel tank suddenly decided to work again, so now I actually know how much fuel I have in both tanks. At least until it quits again.

And my humorous moment of the day: This morning a league official sent an email to all of the coaches reiterating that it's vital that if a game is cancelled, rescheduled or postponed several people have to be notified. I'm one of them. He listed home and cell phone numbers for everyone but me. I really don't use my cell phone much and don't usually give the number out. I decided in this case they should have my cell phone number as well, so I did a "reply to all" on the email and sent everyone my cell phone number. Twenty minutes later I get a call on my cell phone from a commissioner who wanted to email me his league's schedule and needed my email address. Well, there's only one place he could have gotten the cell phone number from...

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