Monday, February 28, 2005

Here is why the Democratic party is sucking wind and losing ground with every election. All things I've touched on, but stated more intelligently and eloquently than I could ever manage.
I can't find the source, but I skimmed an article yesterday in which Bill Clinton was somewhere expounding on what a wonderful president Hillary would make.

I'm curious as to just what Hillary Clinton's credentials are to be a senator, much less president. All I can think of are ruthless, Machiavellian ambition; utter contempt for "the little people"; and a charismatic husband who apparently has coattails despite the fact that he shot the legs out from under the economy, gutted our defense intelligence network, nearly destroyed our ability to influence global events and thought it was really cool to have an intern under his desk while he talked on the phone with people in leadership positions.

And on top of it all, she made pantsuits fashionable again, for which I will never forgive her, even though I'm just fine NOT seeing her legs.

Whatever lingering doubts I had about invading Iraq disappeared when they liberated the children's prison. That one got buried real quickly by the people who didn't want to have to discuss it (NY Times, CNN, etc.) but it was real. Turns out if a child's parents went to political prison in Iraq--not an uncommon occurrence--the child went to a prison as well. And it wasn't a nice place. I'm sure that someone somewhere is trying to describe it as a facility which cared for children whose parents were imprisoned, but that stretches things way too far. It was a prison, and it went on the old theory that parents' sins are visited on their children. It was not a nice place. The guy who wrote the above editorial took a bit longer than the prison thing to get it, but he finally did.

Now we're seeing the Lebanese grow weary of Syrian occupation and a former pro-Al Quaida Lebanese leader has decided that the US is a powerful positive influence and he has renounced his support of Al Quaida and said that we have the right idea after all.
Egypt has announced that they're modifying their constitution to allow multiple party elections (mainstream media have been careful to say that this "may be cosmetic", but have been equally careful not to mention that just maybe it may be a real change).

Maybe, just maybe, we're onto something. Only time will tell if Bush has things right. What I can tell you for absolutely sure is that Kerry does not have the fortitude to even attempt to get things right. Even if we fail in the big picture, we're miles beyond what Kerry could have done.

Our president has been a fighter pilot, an oil executive, a baseball team owner---Stupid doesn't apply. It's fine for people to disagree with him, but those who equate disagreement with stupidity diminish only themselves.

Monday, February 14, 2005

So Howard Dean is now the Chair of the Democratic National Committee. This is the guy who just recently said "I hate Republicans and everything they stand for". Lends credence to the line that the difference between Republicans and Democrats is that Republicans think Democrats are wrong and Democrats think Republicans are evil.

Hard to imagine they could find someone more pinheaded than Terry McAuliffe to run the party, but they've succeeded.

A lot of people are rubbing their hands with great glee, predicting that this will lead to an implosion in the party. I tend to agree, but I think maybe--just maybe--something good could come of this.

The Democratic party is totally out of the mainstream. They've suffered nothing but setbacks from the day Bill Clinton raised his hand, and yet they continue along the same path. Bush was elected with a clear majority of the vote, something Clinton never achieved. In fact I think the last president to get a majority of the vote was LBJ. There's a message here for the Democrats if they care to listen.

But I think that there is some small chance that once Howard "Meltdown" Dean finishes ripping the party asunder, perhaps a new Democratic party can emerge. One with viable ideas, a true "loyal opposition". A party which listens to America and not the Pelosis and Boxers and Kerrys and all the rest of the wine and brie set. A party which regards Teddy Kennedy as a ridiculous, besotted old fool instead of some sort of deity.

I most likely will still disagree with the Democrats, but I'd welcome the reemergence of a more reasonable, in-touch Democratic party

Meanwhile, under Dean the party is going to continue to suffer loss after loss. The next few years should be a lot of fun.

Have at it, Dr. Dean, and here's a YEEAAAH for you.