Monday, April 04, 2005

Long day.

Got home late last night, sprang forward, got up early.

We took our son's friend Ben to the drum and bugle corps concert and fortunately I had the forethought to suggest that he spend the night at our place rather than drive all the way back from The City, past our place to Ben's, then back to our place. True, the boys took a while to settle down, but it beat putting in the extra drive.

Unfortunately, the wife had to go to work today to complete administrative paperwork, so she got up first thing and went to church then tasked me to take the kids to church. I sometimes think she does this to maneuver me into attending church. As for my part, I dash in quickly, lest I be struck by lightening in the parking lot. It did turn out to be quite the girl watching day, though...

Cooked buckwheat pancakes for the kids. The Bear, who two weeks ago liked them, decided that she no longer likes them. I'm growing weary of her increasing finickiness. The two boys chowed down with relish.

Went to church. The priest waxed at length about mercy. I decided that he could show us some mercy by cutting the thing short...

Left about 8000 messages on answering machines for umpires. (Ok, I exaggerate. Slightly.) Left at least the sixth message for the guy running one of the travel teams. His first game is next Sunday and he has never returned a call. I know I have the correct number, I recognize his wife's voice on the answering machine. I need his schedule, and I need it two days ago. Thing is, when game day rolls around and there are no umpires, who do you think is going to take the blame?

Could have thought of a nice way to wrap up the evening and put my thoughts behind me, but ain't gonna happen tonight. Someone remind me why I got married.

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Lilly said...

Spring is the second best time of year because baseball's back. The best, of course, is Fall because we get the playoffs. I'm sure all the hassle with the phone will be worth it once the games start. There's nothing like baseball.

I remember when I used to eat pancakes. My brothers and I would always have pancake eating contests on Sunday mornings... that was a while ago, before I had to start choosing between eating carbs or wearing a bikini :) Childhood memories are so often linked with food.