Sunday, April 24, 2005

Saturday turned out to be quite the day. Baseball took a hit with the poor weather, but I had enough umpires to go around and didn’t have to sweat the games that were played.

Then, the wife actually let me send money and I got a very nice new grill. Got it put together just in time for a torrential downpour and although I don’t mind the rain that much I figured no point in starting the new era with soggy food, not to mention the logistics of lighting a fire in a biblical downpour. It’s ok, it just heightens the anticipation.

Then I go online to find I’m linked not only by Jack Army, but now also by SFAlphageek. Both blogs are extremely well written and interesting--and of course I expect nothing less from guys with the brains and the mettle to qualify as some of the world’s finest soldiers.

This blog also scored a record number of hits today, probably thanks to Jack Army and SFAlphageek.

And now I’m pointedly reminded that I promised a posting on Ft. Devens. SFAlphageek reinforced that, so I’ll get to work on that now.

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Lilly said...

Glad you had a good baseball day. I, on the other hand, just watched my A's lose to the Angels, so I'm going salsa dancing now to drown my sorrows :) Good thing I had to waste my season tickets tonight. Being the only one wearing green and yellow at Angel Stadium is not fun unless the A's are winning, like last night.
They better make me proud tomorrow because I'm wearing my big bright yellow hat!

Look forward to reading that post when I get back, or whenever :)