Saturday, April 02, 2005

Went to the Big City this evening for an alumni drum and bugle corps concert. Great stuff.

Drum and bugle corps has evolved into a very different animal than it was when I was competing in drum corps. Back then you could still discern its military roots and corps played recognizable music while performing military-style drill. As it evolved to its current state it became more and more expensive to purchase the instrumentation required to remain competitive and corps began folding. Then a broadway show designer (real sterotype guy--an absolute flamer) somehow got involved in drum corps and drum corps shows became miniature broadway reviews. Lots more corps died in the process, and the end result is a style that many of us older types don't care for. They play unrecognizable, avant garde music--sometimes custom written just for that particular show; and generally dash about in an unappealing manner.

While all of this was happening some of the corps which had folded were being resurrected by former members. We don't compete, so we can operate within a reasonable budget, and we bring the old style of music and performing to the crowds. And they love us.

My corps wasn't asked to perform at this show (I suspect there is bad blood between the two executive boards dating back to an old urinary olympiad), but I always hit the show anyway. The music is incredible.

If I can make the photo posting utility behave, I'll post some photos tomorrow. Don't expect much in quality. The show was half over before I discovered the low-light setting on the camera. I never said I was smart, just opinionated.

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