Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The criticism just never ceases. Valid criticism is a good thing. Constructive criticism is a good thing. But criticism just to strike out is never a good thing.

There are certain embittered elements in this country that just can't be pleased. If the president were to go out one day and suddenly walk across the surface of the Potomac River, they'd claim he was polluting the water and endangering the purple-flecked clam dancer or some such.

Recall the criticisms that the military wasn't providing the troops with bomb-proof Humvees. The damn things were never supposed to be tanks. Now that we've found ourselves in an unanticipated situation the military is doing the best it can as fast as it can, but to complain that the things can't withstand a hit that would make an M1 tank take notice is an utterly invalid criticism.

Powerline analyzes the latest criticism-for-its-own-sake from Senator Mark Dayton (D-MN).

It bears noting that Senator Dayton is an, ummm, interesting person. He has a history of gaffes and plain bizarre behavior that Powerline chronicles here. It's hard to come up with a favorite bad moment for this guy, but I think his fleeing DC because he "feared terrorist attacks" ranks up there in Senatorial grandstanding. And that's saying something...

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