Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Karma strikes and a neat aircraft sighting.

First the aircraft. I was outside today and heard a heavy helicopter. Looked up and saw a CH-47 airframe with a refueling probe. I'm pretty sure (Maybe NOTR can verify or correct me) that as there is no HH-47 (that would be a search and rescue bird) a CH-47 airframe with the probe is an MH-47 Pave Low--a bird specially tailored for Special Operations work.

Now for the Karma. Had a bad baseball game the other day in which the coaches and manager of one of the teams behaved like spoiled children. Bunch of tough guys, all of whom had applied to coach an all-star team (thus ensuring their sons slots on the team). I've had prior complaints about this crew from my umpires. Turns out the league commisioner has as well. He's a good guy even if we have had some differences. Told him about the game and he went ahead and yanked their applications. Karma, baby.

Had a call on the answering machine when I got home tonight. Some name I don't recognize who wants to talk to the guy in charge of the umpires. It was too late to return the call, but I will tomorrow. I suspect it's probably the manager I got in trouble. I'll call him tomorrow--could be fun.

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