Sunday, May 08, 2005

Via Gold Falcon at the JumpBlog, I have some across one of the most despicable life forms masquerading as a human that you would ever encounter.

Then I consider Oliver Willis, Markos Moulitsas, the Orcs at Democratic Underground...And I wonder just how low the left can possibly go.

I have noted that I respect people with strong beliefs who adhere to them in the face of adversity, even if I don't necessarily share those beliefs. I respect their strength.

The far left as represented by those whom I have cited above has no beliefs, so there is nothing there to respect. In place of a belief in anything, be it a sincere desire for world peace or whatever, they merely substitute hate. They believe in nothing (except possibly themselves). They only hate. They hate anyone who doesn't think like they do. They hate the US because it's predominantly red. They hate conservatives for thinking differently than they do. They hate soldiers for myriad reasons: They stand for the US, they steadfastly do a job the left is too wimpy to do, they don't badmouth the US and they say that we're right.

The left loves anyone who hates the US, no matter why 'they' hate the US, because they hate the US too. Yet they have every intention of remaining here and drawing sustenance from the teat of the greatest nation yet. They deny their two-faced view with a blusteryness that puts all but the boldest off from questioning them.

Ayway, from Gold Falcon we have Michael Crook, whose websites include Forsake the Troops!. I have no idea what to say about him. He apparently enlisted and was later dismissed for a heart murmer--or was it low body weight? Depends on which of his acccounts you read. As of this morning he had alleged each at different web sites (both of which have been "cleaned up" as of tonight, so much for links). Frankly, neither account rings true with me. He alleges what amounts to slave labor, unprofessional conduct, etc. I've been there. I strongly suspect Mr. Crook hasn't.

He now runs several web sites dedicated to trashing US troops in despicable ways, and uses his alleged discharge as an excuse for inexcusable postings. Did I say "cleaned up"? Tonight I can't find the photo of an apparent US fatality which he captioned "Serves him right".

Hey, Mikey--Any time, any place.

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