Thursday, May 12, 2005

I wish I knew what "trackbacks" are, exactly, and how to use them.

But at any rate, via Michell Malkin, we learn that Pablo Paredes has been convicted.

As I've said before, I only hope that he gets to spend some time with a cellmate known as "Tripod".


FinnCanuck said...

The blog empire that we post on does not offer the Trackback option from what I could see, but the haloscan offers a free one.

Take care.

Shar said...

Try the Wizbang StandAlone Tracker

This is the easiest trackback tool I've found.

Barb said...

Snake Eater - I switched to using Haloscan Comments a few months ago for this very reason. The free basic level of Haloscan includes Trackback capability.

The bad news was that I lost all of my old comments. I know some folks have both running concurrently during a switch-over period to help ease that transition - but I did it cold turkey!

Snake Eater said...

It's a difficult thing to admit publicly just how clueless I am. I appreciate the tips, but I honestly haven't figured out exactly what a trackback is in the first place.