Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I'm heading for the shower after a swim through the sewers of the blogosphere. I was researching the Newsweek fiasco, about which more, when I found myself immersed in the effluvia of such bloggers as Oliver Willis, Kurt Nimmo and August Pollak.

Ollie, possibly the dumbest blogger still breathing, seems to have disabled my sign-on, prohibiting me from posting any more replies to his drivel.

I'm still waiting to hear back from Nimmo (a completely deranged, Jew-hating egomaniac), Pollak (a no-talent, hate-filled "cartoonist") and J. Barrett Powell (a crystal-gazing loony tune) as to why they have not enabled comments on their blogs. Actually, Powell used to allow comments, but disabled them after I questioned one of her posts.

My guess is that none of them have the intellectual capacity for discussion, or perhaps their egos demand that that they create a world in which they are never submitted to critical questions.

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