Wednesday, May 25, 2005

As I have noted here before, I did the military thing backwards. Most people do an active duty hitch then finish their service obligation in the reserves or National Guard. I started out in the National Guard as a way to help pay for college and then found myself enjoying it a bit too much, so I went active duty.

At any rate, while serving in the 20th Special Forces Group (National Guard) I became aware of an officer named Stephen Blum. He was no longer assigned to 20th Group, but regularly attended functions with the unit. I met him on a few occasions and I know that he was highly thought of by the men in the unit. I should capitalize that. He was HIGHLY though of by the men. He was held in the absolute highest regard.

Now, by a happy accident, I just discovered that Lieutenant General H. Stephen Blum is the chief of the National Guard Bureau. Top dog of all National Guard in the United States. Congratulations, General Blum.

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FinnCanuck said...

Greetings Snake Eater !!

Your comment on doing the military service backwards so to speak, reminded me of a friend I worked with. He started out in the Oregon Guard (3 years), and like yourself liked it,and transferred over to the Marine Corps where he spent the next 12 years on active duty. He chose to ETS rather than go for a second trip to Viet Nam. I tried my hardest to recruit him into the Army Reserve in the early 80's. With 15 years good time, I told him all he had to do was 5 more and he would have had pretty sweet pension at age 60.

Take care, Pook