Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Well, fresh from swimming the sewers at Daily Kos, Oliver Willis, et al.

Not much to report. Just the usual venom from Kos. He's endorsing some candidates, which is a good thing since his endorsement amounted to the kiss of death in the last election.

Oliver Willis continues to confuse hate with intellect. He's just beaming with pride at his brilliant insights about the presidency. He has officially labeled Bush a "lame duck". Yes, Ollie, he is in his last term.

Kurt Nimmo is so immersed in his hatred of Jews that I'm surprised he hasn't killed himself with his own venom. I thought lefties believe would should all love one another. I guess Jews aren't people in their world.

Managed to slog through Democratic Underground by convincing myself that the Orcs there aren't worth getting worked up over. Nothing of substance to report there (big surprise, right?).

Unfortunately, while pushing my way through the sea of waste that these intellectual vacuums frolic about in, I discovered this guy. I began looking into his dreck and had a half dozen tabs open on him when I finally couldn't deal with the nausea any more. I'll put it in plain terms right here and now. He's a liar. I see he's also appeared on the radar screen at Mudville Gazette. Good post with lots of links. I'm too angry and worked up to do anything approaching the quality of Greyhawk's article, so go read it.

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