Thursday, May 05, 2005

As I have said, any lingering doubts I had about the necessity to invade Iraq evaporated when our troops discoverd the children's prison. The aftermath of the invasion has only reinforced that this was the right thing to do. Every Islamist nutjob on the planet is heading for Iraq. That they are there not to fight the Western Oppressors, but to fight the very idea of freedom is easily proved by their attacks on targets such as Iraqi police stations.

If this is the way it has to be, than so be it. Let it be a war of attrition where the Islamists eventually remove themselves from the planet by blowing themselves up or committing the fatal act of attacking coalition forces. There are reasonable people of the Muslim faith and once the nutcases are eliminated we can get back to being a decent planet.

I bring you a case in point via NOTR at ROFASix. (By the way, I have no idea what either acronym stands for) Do read ROFASix, it's a very good and fascinating blog, but the case in point is conveniently summed up at Michelle Malkin's blog, here.

In particular, note that the piece of dung who attacked the US convoy could have done so at any time. The slimeball was driving a vehicle. But the @^&*(@# chose to do it when Iraqi children (undoubtedly all devout Muslims) were surrounding the US vehicles. It's a matter of historic record that American GIs have always had a soft spot for children. There are countless, countless examples of troops tending to children, giving them food, passing out treats...The "candy bombers" of the Berlin Airlift are legendary. And the Berlin Airlift itself was a humanitarian effort driven largely by concern for children when the communist bastards callously blocked off Berlin and left its population, children and all, to starve. This Islamist piece of garbage chose to make his point by driving a bomb into a convoy while children were visiting.

Do we need to be there? Is it worth it? Hell yes.

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