Monday, May 02, 2005

I've got mail.

Pablo Paredes is a piece of slime who ducked out on his contract to serve in the Navy (after four and one-half years of sucking on the Navy's teat) and made a huge media spectacle of himself waving to his ship as it sailed off. He claimed that he didn't want to participate in the in Iraq, but actually he ended up not participating in the humanitarian relief efforts in Indonesia. Citizen Smash posted an open letter to the slimeball here. Be sure to follow the link to Paredes' weasly reply.

Paredes used to have a web site with his odd writings in the third person. I posted two comments on teh web site (which actually got copied to a new web site some moron is running on Paredes' behalf). You can probably guess from what I've said so far that the comments were not exactly complimentary. Here's one of them (I borrowed his weird third person style):

So is Pablo still happy with himself, or has Pablo realized that he's a whiney little piece of sh*t who ducked out on serving wth the relief force that we sent to what was probably the greatest single tragic event in human history?
Methinks Pablo can live with himself because Pablo is a t*rd. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Now he has sent out a letter, apparently to everyone who has ever posted on his site, detailing what a heroic matyr he is. Mine even came with the above comment attached to it. I wonder if it dawned on any of those morons that I don't have the slightest interest in anything that worm might have to say.

The up side is that the Navy has decided to prosecute him and once convicted on federal charges he'll at least lose his right to vote.

I hope he ends up sharing a cell with a guy nicknamed "Tripod".

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