Wednesday, October 27, 2004

This may be the most tampered with election in US history.

Kerry's sister actually went to Australia and delivered political speeches urging Australians to vote against the incumbent, John Howard. If Howard, a Bush ally were rejected by Australian voters that would undermine Bush. Blatant cynicism, to interject yourself in another countries politics in hopes of boosting your own political campaign.

The Manchester (England) Guardian, a far left newspaper, made a bufoonish and ultimately self-defeating attempt to influence the election here by passing out the names and addresses of Ohio voters to its readers.

The Democrats are ALREADY filing suits regarding the election.

Now, via Powerline , we discover that the UN itself may be meddling in the election. It's no secret that the UNs head clown, Koffi Annan doesn't like Bush (or the US, for that matter). But this is beyond the pale.

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