Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Seems that the media have decided to lay a smokescreen over Kerry's HUGE lie by making a great deal of the case of the missing explosives.

Besides the obvious issue of directing attention away from Kerry's lies, there is an obvious problem with this story. To wit, the story may be utterly false. The explosives may well have disappeared before US troops even entered Iraq. Newspeople embedded with US troops during the invasion report that the explosives were not there when troops entered the facility. Thanks to Powerline for the link.

The Iraqis had more than enough time while we hemmed and hawed and consulted with Kerry's beloved UN to move and/or hide the explosives in question as well as all sorts of other things they didn't want us to find. One would think that a convey of trucks sufficient to move 380 tons of explosives could hardly have escaped notice once hostilities had begun.

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