Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Kerry's contempt for his countrymen is blatantly obvious.

He lies to us reflexively, because we just don't matter. All that matters is that he obtain the office to which he simply feels he's entitled.

His contempt for his fellow veterans is well documented. As is his contempt for America and its citizens. Upon his return from a three month jaunt in Vietnam he completely turned on his comrades and his country.

He turned on his fellow servicemen and accused them-all of them-of rape, mutilation, plunder, murder and more, in the manner of "Jenghis" Khan.

He turned on his country and met with enemy delegations in Paris twice. He apparently had a third trip on the books but cancelled it after a falling out with his partner in VVAW.

Lest you doubt that his actions did not provide aid to the enemy, consider that his phtograph hangs in the Hall Of Heros in the Vietnamese Communist War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh City. And it goes further. Hat tip to Powerline for the link.

Would "Traitor" be too strong a word to apply to The Man Who Would be President?

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