Monday, October 25, 2004

Ok, so John Kerry's a liar. He didn't really attend the signing of the truce after the first Gulf War like he said he did, but so what? His memories of Christmas in Cambodia that were "Seared....Seared" into his memory might be a bit off, but so what? Some of the after-action reports involving his performance in Vietnam may have been written by him and may involve some fabrications. Big deal. He lied about his meeting with North Vietnamese in Paris, keeping it secret for a year and then shoveling it under the heap of history and claiming he never kept it secret....I could go on and on. No big news here.

But John Kerry is a liar of the first order. He lied to us about all of the above and more. Big things.

Things like this one: The very linchpin of his foreign policy stance is based on an absolute lie. Despite his continued claims of having met with the UN Security Council on several occasions, he never met with them. Ever.

First, here's the article.

Now, you may wonder why it all matters. All politicians lie, you say. Here's an excellent analysis of his lie and what it encompasses. Oh, and bear in mind that while he speaks of meeting with the German delegation to the Security Council in 2002---ummm, Germany was not a member of the UN Security Council in that year.

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