Friday, October 29, 2004

I have lots of questions for John Forbes Kerry, but I have one that interests me in particular. Especially since it's such a minor item, particularly for someone who makes such a huge deal of his wartime service.

Senator Kerry, why have you continually refused to sign Standard Form 180 to allow full release of your military records for public scrutiny? You continually refer to your service, with such statements as "Reporting for duty" and others ad infinitum. You have REPEATEDLY made an issue of your service, and have even belittled the president by contrasting your (truncated) war theater service with the president's stateside service. Yet you utterly refuse to allow public access to your full military records. Just what are you hiding? You're hiding something--anyone with an IQ surpassing the idiot level knows that you are. Some don't care. The rest of us want to know. Were you given a "Less Than Honorable" discharge because of the way you consorted with the enemy in Paris following your release from active duty? Or were you cashiered because you failed to complete your obligations?--much as you charge the president of failing to do.

John Kerry, you talk about honesty. You claim that your mother's last words to you were "Integrity, integrity, integrity" (we'll ignore that this is an obvious lie unless Kerry is actually so cynical as to have provided his mother with a script on her deathbed. Hmmm......). Ok, Johnny. Integrity. Honesty. Sign the damn form. Unless you have something to hide, of course...................................

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