Tuesday, January 17, 2006

What on earth is it about that "American Idol" TV show?

Now, I have to profess complete ignorance as I've never seen it. Not even two seconds' worth.

But a couple of summers ago we had a mom on the baseball team who was addicted to the show and would actually become angry and berate her son if a game ran long and started cutting into "her" American Idol time.

Now the Bear called one of her friends about getting together. Turns out they can get together here, but not at the friend's house, because the friend's mom is watching American Idol and can't tolerate the disturbance. And, I have to pick the friend up (not that I mind), because the mom can't tear herself away from the TV for five minutes (yes, it's minutes away, but the road is not a good place for nine-year old girls any more).

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