Saturday, January 14, 2006

I have two rants on hold, but for the time being I'll do another roundup of good pieces at other blogs.

Jack Army notes that an SF soldier was awarded the Silver Star for actions in Afghanistan. Some might recall that while Iraq is in the news, there are still things happening in Afghanistan.

JB comments on the president's speech the other day. Goes back to my own analysis that the left hates Bush more than they love their own country.

Blackfive relates One Marine's View of the war. I liked his first response a lot. His story about the little girl and the Pepsi caused a bit of lachrymal leakage from this big, tough old guy.

Uncle Jimbo posts about the non-scandal of NSA listening to the bad guys. Fact is, that's been NSA's charter from Day One--fifty years ago. Communications eminating from or terminating in other countries are not subject to Constitutional protection. Plain and simple. Add to that the fact that we're listening to people who would do anything to kill us...Fact is, the left hates the right more than they love their own country.

Some Soldier's Mom's sons are all home.

Caelestis puts it pretty bluntly in Makaha Surf Report--Some Democrats want all of us to lose so that they can win. Once again, the left hates the administration more than they love this country.

I'm growing pretty tired of the lazy abuse of the English language myself. Just the other day I had to remind a vice-principal with a Masters' degree that his invitation to me to "hang out with my son and I" was wrong. It's "my son and me". Now, he's a good guy and very smart, but proper English eluded him. It's not at all an uncommon shortcoming. Mauser Girl notes it here, and Murf notes it here.

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