Friday, January 20, 2006

The local newspaper is absolutely rife with misspellings, factual errors and the like. I mostly find them amusing, such as the time a columnist wrote about "cream of crap soup" (crab being a local delicacy), but sometimes they annoy me such as when a columnist wrote about the "82nd Engineer Armored Tank Division". Obviously "Armored Tank" is redundant, and there are no Engineer divisions. It took me, an amateur (compared to a paid columnist), all of five minutes to find out that there is a 82nd Engineer Battalion (separate) and that said battalion marries with the facts in the column. I sent a strongly worded email to the editor and, of course, never heard back.

Now I'm seriously annoyed with them. I don't obsess over the obituaries, but I do scan them. At 45 I periodically see the parent of someone I know, and sometimes even a person I know. Last year I read the obituary of a girl I had dated in high school (she was taken down by the "Big C", an unfair disease of there ever was one, and unlike the "Big A", it can happen to anyone). Well, I was scanning them today and it caught my eye that the paper referred to internments.

I'll spare everyone my initial reaction, which turned the air blue. Bodies are not interned. They are interred.

The editor is a big city liberal who presumed to come out here and subject us to his opinions. Ok, fine. But at least exhibit a familiarity with the English language as you do so.

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