Sunday, January 22, 2006

One of my big pet peeves is that a lot of people--mostly on the left, of course--see the troops as a bunch of losers. Dumbasses who can't get a real job and who function as automatons for Chimpy Bushitler. A woman whom I care for very deeply would rather gouge out her eyes than see her sons in the military, because they're destined for greater things than military service, you know.

That's why in the past I've linked to movie clips of troops cutting up and whatnot. They actually do have personalities and intellects, not that Hillary would notice. Hell, I once knew a SSG who was a member of Mensa.

By way of Toni's excellent blog, I've come across an incredibly well written blog authored by two treadheads tankers. Enlisted swine, no less.

All that aside, while the entire blog merits continued reading and I'll put it in my list of required reads, Toni specifically links to “A Man of Honor Needs Our Help”. Read it and think about lending support.

Meanwhile, I'm going to try and figure out how they did the sidebar thing with their “racks”. Mine isn't quite as big as SSG Mike Gulf's, but I figure the wings and SF tab lend some weight for me.

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