Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Just for fun. This is a departure, but hey, why not?

My friend Julie sent me some questionnaire that you're supposed to fill out and send to ten friends, etc. It has a bunch of questions and the idea is maybe your friends will learn something new about you. I don't do the "forward this to ten friends" thing with emails, but I figured I'd fill it out and send it back to Julie just for grins. Her answers were all serious, I'll let you judge mine.

Julie and I go way back. She may well be my best friend and is certainly my closest female friend. We tend to trade a lot of banter and innuendo, which is evident in some of my answers.

So, here's the questionnaire:

* Ever been so drunk you blacked out? Damned if I remember

* Missed work because it was raining: Of course not

* Put a body part on fire for amusement: Umm. Do I have to answer?

* Been hurt emotionally: Hurt? How about mortally wounded?

* Kept a secret from everyone: Yes, and I ain't tellin'.

* Had an imaginary friend: No

* Wanted to hook up with a friend: Yes. Then slowly remove her clothing...

* Ever thought an animated character was hot: Jessica Rabbit!

* Had a New Kids on the Block tape? NO! No Backdoor Boys, either.

.......................What is your favorite.....................

* Shampoo: Whatever makes the dandruff fall out and the hair stay in

* Body Wash: I don't care what Old Spice says, body wash is for girls.

* Hair Color: Brown, with patches of pink scalp.

* Day/Night: Night

* Summer/Winter: Winter (Think fires, hot toddies, warm beds...)

* Lace or Satin: Leather, baby!

* Favorite Food: Seafood, Indian food. Sushi's up there, too, but no more sea urchins...

* Favorite Movie: Second Hand Lions (Thought I was going to say The Green Berets, didn't you...)

* Favorite Book: Da Vinci Code

* Favorite Ice Cream: Cherry vanilla

* Favorite Subject: Biology

* Favorite drink without alcohol: Do I have to? Ok, iced tea (with a little vodka)

* Favorite Words: Damn, not again.

* Favorite beer: Weizen

--------RIGHT NOW-------------------------

* Wearing: Shorts and a button down shirt (ok, boxers)

* Hair is: Too long and too thin

* Eating: Crow

* Drinking: Gatorade (with a little vodka)

* Thinking : I could really use a piece of ass.

* Listening to: The children arguing

-----------------------LAST TIME YOU----------

* Wore a skirt: I'm not answering this one (see question #5)

* Met someone new: Damned if I remember

* Cleaned your room: Last night

* Drove a car: Haven't driven a car in months. Maybe a year. Drove the truck this morning

-----------------DO YOU BELIEVE IN---------------

* Your friends: If I didn't believe in them they wouldn't be friends

* Santa Claus: In a way

* Tooth Fairy: You mean Dr. Thanderthon?

* Destiny/Fate: Nope

* Angels: Nope

-------------FRIENDS AND LIFE------------------

* Who have you known the longest of your friends? Dave(You clock in at #2)

* Who's the shyest? Not sure

* Weirdest? That's hard to decide. It's a matter of degrees with that bunch.

* Who do you go to for advice? You and Chip (a Lancers guy)

* Who do you cry to? Boys don't cry.

* When did you cry the most? If I did, it would be the last three years. Continuously

* Best feeling in the world? Triumph. Victory. Smashing your enemy. Grinding his face....Umm. Ok. Next question...

* Worst Feeling? When you have to go really bad and your stomach starts bubbling.

* Who will respond to this email the fastest? Somebody. Anybody. Please...

* Who sent this to you? You forgot already?

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