Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Another one for the book entitled "And This Helps Just How?".

While the Gulf Coast, most notably New Orleans, tries to pump water, feed people, shovel muck, treat injuries, curb diseases, rebuild, and just survive; more and more people are using the disaster to make political hay.

The situation is still ongoing. People are still engaged in a struggle to survive, yet the finger pointing began with great alacrity before the rain had even stopped. Kanye, Al and Jesse began screaming "racism" immediately, even though the incompetent mayor of New Orleans happens to be black.

Now Al Gore is out beating the global warming drum. Is he doing anything to help? No. He's not stumping for donations, he's not rolling up his sleeve to give blood, he's not using his considerable personal fortune to provide for the victims. He's saying the hurricane is Bush's fault, because Bush didn't sign the economically-devastating Kyoto Treaty.

One more classless act that can't even wait for people to get a decent meal before he tries to make political capitol out of the situation.

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