Sunday, September 25, 2005

I could pitch any one of a dozen rants now, such as Hamas firing 30+ missiles into Israel and then getting their western jeans in a knot when the Israelis had the temerity to respond to force with force. This was their gratitude to Israel for removing countrymen from Gaza at gunpoint.

But at this point my thoughts are with others, such as Jack Army, who has had to relocate to Ft. Polk to escape Rita. Hopefully he'll have something to come back to. That way he'll have some belongings for the movers to pilfer as he heads to Hawaii (gallows humor, I know, and more some other time about how military and government people provide the moving and storage industry with a great second income). And NOTR, whose daughter escaped Rita, but has been called back into the unknown. And Jennifer Martinez, whose Texas family isn't yet all accounted for.

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