Thursday, August 25, 2005

Scrappleface specializes in very biting, very funny satire. But writer Scott Ott took time out from that to pen a hypothetical letter from President Bush to Cindy Sheehan. It's a good read.

It's worth noting that while Sheehan's antics have endeared her to far lefties such as Code Pink, they have utterly alienated her from her family, the very people whom you would expect to depend on in your time of loss. Her parents and siblings have issued a letter distancing themselves from her and her husband has filed for divorce.

Being in a dark and maudlin mood today, I might point out one line from Cox's "letter":

"Mrs. Sheehan, everyone dies. But few experience the bittersweet glory of death with a purpose -- death that sets people free and produces ripples of liberty hundreds of years into the future."

Death without a purpose is something I dread more than any pain of death itself. Yet, as an aging ex-warrior I fear that is exactly where I head. Some day I shall simply fade away, and to no purpose. Just one more life lived, and not particularly well.

So much better had I lived a brief, yet glorious life as did Casey Sheehan.

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