Sunday, August 21, 2005

Another post about a lost child.

I'm not at all insensitive to the loss 0f a child. As I'ver stated, it must be the most wrenching experience possible. I know as a father I'd do anything it took to protect my children, right up to giving up my own life.

But I just don't always "get" other parents. I took Ryan's parents to task in the post below. Now it's time to once again take Natalie Holloway's parents to task.

She's gone. I'm terribly sorry. She was someone's child. It's the most awful thing imaginable.

BUT. What the hell was she doing in Aruba, hitting bars at midnight and leaving with guys she just met? Sorry, Mr. and Mrs. Holloway. You endured a tragic loss, but what sort of values did you fail to instill in your daughter? What the hell is a college student doing in Aruba? I worked evenings as a fry cook and weekends making pizzas. Countless other students have waited tables, etc. You guys just wrote a blank check and said "Have fun". Well, she had fun alright. Right up to the point where something went wrong that night.

Sleep well.

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