Thursday, August 04, 2005

Finally back posting. In other words, DUCK!!

Anyway, spent a few days at the Boy Scout Jamboree. While the atmosphere was certainly dampened by the deaths at the beginning of the week, life went on.

Was it hot? Hell yes. Was it humid (even worse)? Hell yes. Was the weather utterly miserable? Hell yes. Was it fun anyway? Hell yes.

There were some 47,000 scouts in attendance, and I'd hazard a guess that at any one time there were close to that number of visitors in attendance as well. It was crowded, frantic, frenetic and at times miserable. But we lived. No heat issues among our hearty gang of four, though we saw plenty of video game addicts lying prostrate along the path.

There were literally hundreds of exhibits. Sea Scouts, Venturers (Explorer Scouts), Order of the Arrow (yes, I'm a member), Eagle mention it. The Army exhibits took the cake, though.

Here Snake Eater, Jr. emerges from the loader's hatch of an M-1 tank.

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