Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I should have noted this days ago, but NOTR at ROFASix has been reporting on an absolute outrage at Arlington National Cemetary.

Russell Wagner served briefly in the US Army. I don't know about his service, but he exited as a PFC, so I'm assuming it was brief and without distinction.

Later in life he decided it would be a good idea to tie up a couple in their 80s and stab them to death. Gruesome, hideously painful stuff.

Wagner croaked in prison and some jerk petitioned to have his remains interred at Arlington. As it turns out, technicalities remain supreme. Had he been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, he would have to be buried elsewhere. But since he was "merely" sentenced to life, he's eligible.

Reminds me of the brother-in-law. The Catholic Church does not recognize divorce, but he married a divorced woman with a child. How? Well, she wasn't married in the church the first time, so she was never married. So they say. Technicalities.

Sort of like OJ Simpson getting into the Football Hall of Fame, while Pete Rose can't even though he bet on his own damn team. Not like he was going to throw the game.

Anyway, next time I get really drunk and there are no Park Police in sight I intend to unleash a huge leak on Wagner's grave, as he lies there next to brave, noble men and women.

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