Friday, July 01, 2005

And so ends baseball.

Snake Eater jr's. team won the regular season handily, then went on to win the double elimination league tournament, winning each of their games early via the ten run rule.

Then on to the district tournament. We drove an hour into the mountains, squared off against a team that was the odds on favorite, and beat them.

Then came the seemingly cursed game. Rained that day, and we spent 90 minutes or so getting the field back in shape. Playing against a team they repeatedly hammered in regular season play, the guys had established a nice lead when the lightening we knew was in the air showed up. We waited things out, but it became obvious the game wasn't going to happen. Suspended the game in the bottom of the third. Spent a great deal of time the next day getting the field in shape even as the sky blackened. The storm came through and the managers agreed to wait it out a bit to see if the storm would pass. Agreement or not, the other team simply up and left. Meanwhile, the storm wrecked the field. Came back the third day, worked on the field and finally it was game time. Our guys just never got their feet under them. Finally lost to the last place team in the league by two points.

It was a sad night, but the guys topped it off with a pool party at a team mate's house and the tears dried up.

I'm still on the hook to schedule umpires for a few more weeks, but after that it's a whole month off before fall ball.

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