Saturday, July 23, 2005

Politics have always pushed the edge of sanity. Way back when there was a guy who actually cast doubt on his opponent when he announced that his opponent was a homo sapiens and his sister was a practicing thespian. Honest. And the guy won the election.

Now we have John Kerry, who has made all sorts of claims about his military record--many of them refuted--but who has absolutely refused to put his signature on a document to release said records, calling for Supreme Court nominee John Roberts to release all of his judicial records.

Nice try, John Kerry. Huff and rant all you want, but you're an utter hypocrite. Worse, even. You tried to make your military service an issue in the election even though it backfired on you big time and everyone with a brain realizes that you're a prat. You've utterly refused to make your service record public (hmmm, wonder what you're hiding), and now you're trying to appear manly (a stretch for you, I know) by demanding someone else make his judicial record public.

Keep trying, Johnny.

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