Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I want to add a number of blogs to my list on the side, and I've fallen behind in that task times two.

I do want to name some blogs now, and I'll add them to the links list after I've finished cutting down and chopping up two deceased oak trees, installing the pond, building a trellis over the basement exit, doing a complete tune-up on the wife's truck (along with new front brake pads and calipers), prepping for Snake Eater Junior's 13th birthday party, scheduling umpires for all-stars (and umpiring some of the games as well)....You get the idea.

Anyway, here's a list of more blogs I find interesting:

My View Further proof that conservative women are smart and very attractive.

Soldier's Mom Intelligence and poignence

Makaha Surf Report A defense contractor--Articulate thoughts from a different viewpoint

Dadmanly A Reservist now in Iraq, with a spiritual bent

Michael Yon Former SF, now a journalist in Iraq. I'm Waaaay behind in listing this guy.

James Lilek Nothing military here, just a great place to waste hours on end. The Bleat is good
reading, the other links are pure fun.

More links are pending.

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