Tuesday, June 28, 2005

While Ward Churchill continues on his "noble crusade" wherein he exercises his right of free speech, certain truths do and should continue to haunt him.

First, hateful as his speech is, yes it's protected and he has every right to spout it. But his university is under no obligation to continue to pay him to spew his hate. Free speech is a fundamental underpinning of our society, but there is no obligation for the public to support financially any speech. We're often told that the right to free speech exists especially to support speech that most of us find offensive--without arguing that point I'll point out that no person or institution is constitutionally obligated to financially support such speech. If Churchill's University wakes up and terminates him (remember--it's now established that he gained his chair via falsifyed history), so be it. Offensive speech, free though it may be, is not guaranteed public or corporate funding.

Via Michelle Malkin, I came across some incredibly hate-filled, offensive statements by Churchill.

Oh, and in case you really believe that free speech truly exists in our society, try going into work tomorrow and commenting on just how attractive you find a female coworker in her outfit.

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Barb said...

Yeah - free speech, as long as it's hate speech ... *grrrrr*

Seriously, saying something socially pleasant has become almost impossible without running afoul of the PC-bullsh*t, while those who spew anti-recruiting or outright anti-military rhetoric hide behind the flags they burn while those fighting for their rights have to listen. Gee - I sound bitter, don't I? LOL