Monday, June 20, 2005

By the way, thanks to all who wished me a happy Fathers' Day.

It was an interesting day (as in the alleged Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times).

Had an umpire cancel out late Saturday night. Called all night Saturday, all morning Sunday and finally a guy called back and said he could do it if we postponed the game until 6:00. Called both managers, everything is cool.

Then I was concerned the umpire misunderstood me. Called him all day--no answer. Called other umpires--no luck.

Game time approached and the "other" team didn't have enough players, anyway. Something their manager knew damn well, but ignored in hope...

The team that didn't have enough players promptly identified me as their target (You don't really have an umpire for this game, do you?), even as the umpire was suiting up in the parking lot. So they transferred their anger at not having a team to me. Ok with me, except that I almost threw down with a big dumbass of a coach over the whole thing.

Bunch of dumbasses.

I did get about a 15-minute interlude where I laid with the Bear on the hammock. I can't complain since soon the Bear will be nine and next thing I know she'll be 16. I have to treasure every moment.

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Lilly said...

Oh, I used to lie down with my dad in the "hamaca" in the porch when I was little. By far, the hardest part of living so far away is missing my dad. Your little girl will grow up fast, but you'll always be her favorite guy :-)And now you made me cry... bad, bad post.