Thursday, June 09, 2005

I'm liking Howard Dean better all the time. The man is completely unhinged.

Now it's up to the Democratic Party to either demonstrate good taste and can his butt, or demonstrate that they are, as I think, so consumed with unreasoning hatred that he is the man for the job.


Barb said...

Beth Donovan ( is starting a pool to predict the date he will resign ;-)

I call Dean the "gift that keeps on giving". Every time he opens his mouth, he foots off his foot on the way to insertion!

Barb said...

SHOOTS his foot off!


Snake Eater said...

I kind of enjoyed the imagery presented by him "footing off his foot", but I understand.

I'll check out the pool, but I think he's too egotistical, self-absorbed and blind to ever have the class to resign (sort of like Bill Clinton...).

Thanks for reading, Barb.