Wednesday, September 11, 2002

A weblog. Just a few minutes ago the idea wouldn't have entered my mind. It came as an impulse, fueled by an article I was perusing as I used the facilities. I'm not sure what this is. Is it an exercise in conceit? I don't know. I just have this urge to record thoughts. Preserve them. Though most people familiar with my thoughts would have a different opinion about whether they merit preservation.

Strange domain name, you say. Snake eater. Long ago I spent a number of years in Army Special Forces. Lesser mortals in the Army "affectionately" (ahem) referred to us as "snake eaters", so as I wracked my brain for a domain name it popped out. I enjoyed being in SF and planned to spend a career there, but I ended up grinding my knees into sawdust, so that ended early. I'm older and considerably rounder now. I'm now in biotechnology R&D, so I'm pretty harmless these days.

Posting here will give me something to do while I mark time online. I come online fairly regularly hoping to catch up with a friend and chat for a bit. She has a husband, kids, a business and a life. I have a wife, kids, a job and something that vaguely resembles a life. So it's a hit or miss thing. Sometimes we catch up, sometimes we don't. Don't want to say too much, since these things are subject to being misconstrued, but she's a remarkable person. Incredibly talented, intelligent and perhaps a tad too perceptive. Very pretty, too. But just a friend.

Well enough for now. But it is fun writing this as though someone might actually read it.

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