Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Mistakes ‘R’ us. I’m convinced I could fuck up a wet dream.

You want to talk about mismanaged lives, just look me up.

Followed something called a Suzuki “Swift” this morning. Should be called a Suzuki “Slow”. At some point the guy decided I was riding his ass (may have been, just a bit) and pulled onto the shoulder to let me by. The moron then proceeded to swerve back onto the road right in front of a very large pickup truck. Fortunately it apparently had good brakes. I guess driving is a sort of Darwinian thing. Idiots tend to eventually find their end on the road. Unfortunately, that end often requires the participation of a second party. Guy yelled something at me as I went by. Just trying to be friendly, I guess, so I waved back. Didn’t have time to get my hand open all the way, though. Only managed to get one finger out…

Spectrophotometer is driving me crazy this morning. I have very limited experience with them, so it’s a pretty iffy proposition anyway, but to make matters worse, all of the extremely optically sensitive quartz cuvettes have just been thrown in a drawer. People have basically just abused the shit out of them for years. I found some that are dated 1966. 36 years of abuse-you can bet your sweet ass they’re no good any more.

Catching up on my reading now with “Effects of Trace Metals on Mouse B16 Melanoma Cells in Culture”. A real spellbinder.

Tuesday. Meeting day. Don’t hate Tuesdays as much as Saturday and Sunday, but it’s pretty close. Managed to escape one meeting today, though.

It’s quite an exercise to ignore reality. It’s liberating. You can imagine yourself in places and situations you find very pleasant. But self-delusion is damaging. Painful. When reality inevitably sweeps away the delusions, replacing them with what really is, it can be crushing.

Have to sit down and have a talk with the kids tonight.

My second meeting of the day just got cancelled as well. So things aren’t all bad today. I particularly don’t like this meeting. You never heard so many words used to impart so little information as in the process development group meetings.

Doing this at work, wandering by now and then, typing a few words each time. Uncharacteristically, I’ve run out of words. Going to head back to my little lab. Maybe some thoughts will come to me there.

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